May 22, 2013

Potatoes, a food also luxury

Potatoes are an essential part of the foods in many countries, and as is known, in principle were commonly found in the gardens of the palaces, not the fruit, but for the beauty of the flower. It was thought, indeed, that the bulb was not edible and was poisonous to humans.

It was a terrible famine in Ireland, which turned these plants from a flower garden, to be one of the most important fruits of the orchard. And today, in many families consumed daily, is that few products allow such a variety of preparations.

Potatoes are considered, in the majority, poor food, but it is true that there is a price range that can be considered the variety of luxury potatoes

Potatoes are considered, in the majority, poor food, but it is true that there is a price range that can be considered the variety of luxury potatoes.

Luxury Potatoes

The Bonnotte is a potato that is grown exclusively in France, particularly in Rungis, it is a variety that stands out for its flavor and systems of cultivation and harvesting used. The potatoes are planted in February and harvested before the end of May.

Each of the potatoes in the harvest season, is harvested by hand, to ensure the integrity and shape of the product. To get the best result in each potato, should collect in just one week, once ripe, this is the only way to give the potato quality when eating.

Selected Potatoes

the care and the care with which they are grown and harvested potatoes are reflected in the price, and is that a kilo of these tubers can cost € 400 in the market, compared with € 1 that can be average pay in normal markets certainly shows that these potatoes are a very exclusive.

Would you pay € 400 for a kilo of potatoes?

5 luxury destinations to enjoy in summer

Summer is coming, and with good weather, it seems like traveling and discovering new places, of course, after so many months of cold winter, nothing beats a destination Sun and Beach to enliven the spirit and body tanning.

The sun and beach destinations are the most popular during the summer months, but there are some destinations that deserve to be considered perfect places for a luxury holiday. Its facilities, beaches and the type of tourists that come to them, make these luxury destinations places to enjoy in summer.

There are many places in the world to ensure a luxury holiday

Zanzibar Islands

One of the favorite destinations of European royalty and nobility, its exclusive five-star hotel where the exclusivity and personalized service are insured are your best chance to become a luxury holiday destination.

Seychelles Islands

Seychelles can not receive an adjective other than "paradise" with its 115 islands, is the perfect place for a holiday of luxury and relaxation, in which privacy is assured, therefore, are a favorite destination of celebrities.


Within the U.S., these islands are rich culture and beautiful landscapes, who travel to Hawaii are assured of a memorable trip to one of the most magical places on the planet.

 French Riviera

No need to go far to find luxury, South Coast of France is a good example of that luxury is where people go who can afford it.


More and more celebrities who take up residence in the warm Miami, a modern and luxury which is a way of life .

Enjoy summer in the most exclusive

There are many places in the world to ensure a luxury holiday. Luxurious destination What you lose you?

Apr 15, 2013

The Most Expensive Bike In The World With A Maximum Speed

With a price declared by the auction house Bonhams of $ 550,000, the Dodge Tomahawk has been officially defined as the most expensive bike in the world.

The Most Expensive Bike In The World With A Maximum Speed

The bike is designed as a concept by the prestigious U.S. carmaker American and exposed to the event  North American International Auto Show in 2003, was later sold to 9 repeat customers of the house for the price mentioned above.

One of the features that help make this bike one of the most expensive and exclusive in the world, in addition to its chassis almost never seen on a two-wheeler with four-wheel steering, it is definitely the best speed, according to a statement from the house, would reach well 460 km/h .

Prada Eyewear: new women's eyewear for summer 2013

After removing the event Milano Moda Donna, here is a preview of the photos of all the new women's eyewear of Prada for the period spring/summer 2013.

Already considered as a must to the most demanding women, these showy glasses are all characterized by fantastic fantasies floral in relief own in the front part; the frames are all inspired by the florilegia oriental, introducing himself with a style somewhat minimal but able to adapt to all the needs, with a mix of colors perfectly in line with the trends of the moment.

Here is the Quad Mercedes-Benz

Not many people know it, and yet, this prestigiousMercedes-Benz was presented as a concept about 2 years ago, in 2011, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the ATV-truck Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

A concentrate of technology, where the past merges with the future and especially this wonderful giant quad is in fact inspired by the first model presented by the division Mercedes-Benz Unimog in 1951, then combining it with the most modern systems and advanced control traction.

However, despite the complete approval of this quad, it seems that Mercedes-Benz has no intention of turning it into a set pattern, although there is also a great demand on the part of fans of the genre.

Apr 1, 2013

Jeep Cherokee 2014 [OFFICIAL PHOTOS]

Hold the Italian market by the beginning of 2014, the Jeep Cherokee in 2014 will be one of the main protagonists of the exhibition in NewYork in 2013, to be held from 29 March to 7 April.

According to what you can see from the first official pictures of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, the SUV features a whole new look with a body that makes clearly visible the muscles, also new chrome exterior that also tend to give all car look more elegant.

Alfa Romeo 4C sale by the end of 2013 [OFFICIAL PHOTOS]

Here comes the first official photos really the long-awaited Alfa Romeo 4C, which will be launched in planning for the next Geneva MotorShow.

The small sports car with Italian DNA Alfa Romeo will be the younger sister to the 8C supercar, which inherit from the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, will be assembled at the site of production Maserati in Modena and its transmission will be entrusted to a dual-clutch gearbox which, for the first time for a small sports car, will be characterized by Race mode Guide, just like the Alfa Romeo 8C.

For the rest everything is not yet confirmed by the spokesman for Alfa Romeo, which ensures that the first models will be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 and then announce the sale by the end of 2013, with prices starting from € 49,000.